Breeders Code of Ethics

It is the intent of the CCLRC to undertake, support, and promote breeding programs, which would continue to improve or maintain the quality of the breed.  For assuring maintenance or improvement of the quality of the progeny, careful attention must be paid to the soundness, natural ability, tractability and conformation to the breed standard of the sire and dam.  In order to establish minimum criteria for demonstrating these characteristics, the following method of evaluating suitability for stud dogs and brood bitches, for breeding programs, is suggested.

Criteria to be met prior to breeding of stud dogs and brood bitches.   

1. Stud dogs and brood bitches under two (2) years of age shall be evaluated as clear of hip and elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, or any university housing a school of veterinary medicine or a Board Certified orthopedic veterinarian.  After two (2) years of age, the stud dogs and brood bitches MUST be certified as being clear of hip and elbow dysplasia by any of the above methods. Litter and stud service advertisements should include references to the means of certification obtained.

2. Stud dogs and brood bitches shall be examined yearly with an ophthalmoscope and slit lamp by a Board Certified veterinary ophthalmologist and certified clear of CPRA, PRA and other inherited eye anomalies (Please see CERF, for more information).  OptiGen testing and cardiac screening are encouraged.

Only litters which meet above criteria will be eligible for CCLRC futurity nomination.

The CCLRC also strongly recommends that its members adhere to the following:

1.  Use stud dogs and brood bitches that have earned at least one of the following:

   a.  Two (2) championship points as awarded by the American Kennel Club;

   b.  An Obedience, Tracking or Agility title as awarded by the American Kennel Club;

   c.  A Judges’ Award of Merit (JAM) or placement in a Derby, Qualifying, or Open stake at a licensed field trial; and,

   d.  One leg of any Hunting Retriever title or a CCLRC Working Certificate.  Use only stud dogs and brood bitches that are free from mis-marks as defined in the Standard.

2.  Do not sell puppies wholesale to retail outlets for resale;

3.  Use stud dogs and service brood bitches that meet the above qualifications;

4.  Purchase puppies whose sire and dam have likewise been qualified;

5.  Assure the general health of the sire and dam at the time of breeding;

6.  Guarantee the general health of the puppies at the time of sale;

7.  Whelp brood bitches no more than once in a 12-month period;

8.  Refrain from advertising the price of any dog or puppy being sold for less than $800.00;

9.  Use “Limited Registration” when selling puppies and encourage spay/neuter of all animals not specifically retained for breeding purposes; and,

10.  Be willing to take back, or help re-place, any dog/puppy, of your breeding (dam or sire) that is in need of rescue.

Adherence to the above shall be at the discretion of the breeder for each individual dog.

The inherent benefits evolving from following the above breeding suggestions will result in invaluable dividends to:

The breeder by:

1. Enhancing and protecting his/her breeding program and reputation;

2. Promoting buyer satisfaction; and,

3.Increasing the quality of his/her litters.

The stud dog owner by:

1. Increasing the quality of and demand for his/her dog’s services;

2. Protecting the reputation of his/her stud dog; and,

3. Enhancing and protecting the name of his/her kennel.

The buyer by:

1. Protecting his/her investment;

2. Obtaining health, high-quality dogs; and,

3. Assuring that the breeder and/or club is available for ongoing information.

The breed by:

1. Promoting continued improvement of “type” and quality;

2. Transmitting natural ability, and conformation to breed standard, to future progeny from good specimen parents; and,

3. Assuring that dogs will not be used for breeding if deemed unsuitable.

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