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WC Weekend Success

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 9th Annual WC Weekend and made it a great success. 

Thank you Judges, Jeane Collier and Sue Gallagher.

Thank you Candy Templeton for being a great marshal and keep us on time. 

Thank you to Christine Tye and Patty Gallagher for checking everyone in and getting this big group fed. 

Thank you to the gunners, Matt, Brent, and Mo.

Thank you to many others to jumped in to help where it was needed.  

Lastly, a big thank you to Pat and Ed Collom for organizing this event.  

Congratulations to the dogs and handlers who passed the test.  

For those who didn’t pass, don’t get discouraged.  Every dog who attended has the potential to pass with a bit more training. 


May 7-8th at 9:00am Wes’ Backwater Retreat Dos Palos, California

This year’s event for both WC and WCX practice (Saturday) and certificate test (Sunday)* will again be held in Dos Palos, CA

  •   Entry fee for the practice day and WC test is $45. The WC test on Sunday only is $35. The fees for WCX is an additional $10.
  •   Daily fee includes lunch and 2 pigeons for field work and 2 freshly shot ducks for water work.
  •   Lodging is available at the event site for $25/night which includes breakfast.
  •   Priority will be given to CCLRC and SJVLRC club members with a 30 dog per day limit. Payment is due on day of event.
  •   Space may be reserved by calling or emailing Pat Collom at (559) 289- 2950 or pat@windroselabradors.com
  •   Signup deadline is April 30th

    * Dependent on water depth