Member’s Websites

Club members can have their website listed here. Please send a picture that can be cropped in a square. The picture should have some room on the edges so the subject is not cut off. Also include your name, kennel/business name, website address, email, and a one sentence description. Send to

Georgia Baba
Arlon Labradors
Katy Bazurto
Bazurto Kennels
Jeanne Collier
Topwater Labradors
Topwater Labradors has been training and raising multipurpose English bred Labradors for over 35 years for field, show, and home.
Pat and Ed Collom
Windrose Labradors
Elaine Dal Bon
Fiesta Labradors
Eleonore Diehr
Elken Labradors
Karen dos Passos-Jobke
Tuckaway Labradors
Cindy and Butch Ellis
Spirithawk Labradors
Spirithawk Labradors breeds the all around versatile labrador that excells in temperament, type, health and trainability.
Shelley Ellison
Shelquin Labradors
Laura Fletcher
Drycreek Labradors
Ruth Hertzog
Hollyhill Labradors
Rod & Susan Merrill
Country Manor Labradors
Welcome to our hobby level kennel!
Jon and Deb Quast
Journeyman Labradors
The Journeyman Labradors are equally at home in the conformation ring, in the field or lying at our feet while our grandchildren play nearby. Location: Auberry, CA
Rick Saal
Phido Photo
Candy Templeton
Bruinbear Labradors
Christine Tye
Gingerbred Labradors
Jane and Vince Valcheck
Hathersage Labradors
Chris Valdez
Kenya Labradors
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